Graffunder Safes

As a licensed dealer for Graffunder®, Thompson Safes is your source for Graffunder® Safes in Frederick, MD, and surrounding areas in MD, PA, VA, and WV. We offer a variety of residential and commercial safes for your home or office. Whether you are looking for a safe to store guns, jewelry, or other valuables, Thompson Safes, in Frederick, MD, has the perfect safe for you.

safe-weaponWhen you need to be absolutely certain your valuables are protected, you can count on a Graffunder

  • Safes for Residential & Commercial Use
  • Weapon Storage
  • Multipurpose Safes
  • Vault Doors

Since 1968, Graffunder Safes and Vault Doors have been hand crafted for commercial and residential use. Guided by the philosophy “quality over quantity”, our products exceed industry standards at every level and in every area. With a specialty in custom work; this business has earned its reputation as “the Rolls Royce of Safes”.

Stop into Thompson Safes on Grove Rd. in Frederick, MD today or give us a call at 301-631-1500 for more information on our safes, accessories, and safe moving services. We DELIVER!